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“Couldn’t believe that Natalie was here in less than 1 hour when I needed emergency pet care, I needed to travel that day due to illness in the family, thank you so much Natalie, can’t thank you enough, I will recommend you to all my friends and family and the little terror loved it”
— Darrel, Whitfield.
I was shocked when I saw how much was involved and how thorough Natalie was with a pre-meeting and showing the feeding routine and other things. Everything was provided as described, couldn’t ask for any more. Will use Missy’s Manor again”
— Katrina, Mt Sheridan
I have used Your Pet Care (or Missy’s Manor) twice now with no regrets. Video diary and a good range of service for the standard weekly package. They even had a lawn mowing business partnered with them, so come home to happy dog, loving cat and clean house inside and out! every time!
— Kathy, Bentley Park
Just got my little pup, he was only 8 weeks old and a couple of days later, had to travel to Townsville for my sick uncle. Natalie looked after him so well, he knew a few tricks when I got back. I think it is one of the best services in Cairns, especially what you get for a visit. wow, some were saying they could only do a pop in/pop out? Natalie stayed for nearly an hour to ensure everything was done... I think she loved ‘Zeuss’..
— Jamie, Mt. Garnett
Hi Natalie, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for looking after Lycan over the weekend! It’s really obvious that you love dogs and seeing the way he welcomed you the other day, it looks like that affection is reciprocated! It was certainly reassuring to know that Lycan was in safe and loving hands whilst we were away and we look forward to seeing you again soon. We would certainly recommend you and will be using your services again soon!
Kind regards
— Sam, Redlynch
Completely smitten with Natalie’s service. From the get go we set up exactly what needed to happen while we were gone and Natalie has consistently gone above and beyond. Playing with our boy, feeding him, bathing him, checking our house and mail and giving us updates. Honestly such good peace of mind. Will continue to use and recommend to anyone for quality and price!
— Abbey, Whiterock
Coming back home to well looked after cats and a clean litterbox was great! Having daily text reports was very reassuring too!
My cats are usually very anxious when we go away but having someone looking after them twice a day made an incredible difference. Definitely going to use Missy’s Manor again!
— Maya, Edmonton