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With a love for animals and a career of experience, you are assured that this is the best choice for your pet when you are away.

Our convenient weekly flat rate provides value for money and is a fantastic alternate to kennels and catteries.  With daily text or video updates, you will relax in peace knowing your pets are well cared for and happy on your return.

Pet Care provided by Natalie Jones, experienced and qualified in animal care, behavior and husbandry/grooming providing you with the confidence your pet is under good care.

We look forward to meeting you and your pets..

Providing services in and around Cairns from.  Please call to discuss other areas or see the pricing page.

What's Best For My Pets?

Kennels and Catteries vs In Home Pet Care!

The most common question I get is 'won't my animals worry that I am gone'.  Yes, this is an obvious answer, but your animals are intelligent.  Often we see a great result when the owners have done 'in home PetCare' the 2nd or 3rd time the owners return.  Once the routine is set, you will see major improvements each time you go away.  Even if you start with 2 days, then go to 4 or 5 days, then a week away.  This provides that easy integration that will give them the understanding of what is happening.  

Image 1 - Standard Kennels.

Studies have shown the results that animals returning to hotels, kennels or catteries that there is a continuance of depression each visit.  "Keeping Dogs in Kennels is driving them Crazy".  Interesting studies have been completed with the dog 'sych-ie' reaction to Kennel isolation and lonliness at home and the difference of 'bad stress' verse 'good stress'.  


Image 2 - Standard Cattery Enclosure

Image 2 - Standard Cattery Enclosure


You will be surprised by your pet's reactions when you return using our in Home Pet care service.  If you have experienced the return of your pet's from a Kennel Cattery, we highly recommend you give us a go and you will be overwhelmed by the happiness and enthusiasm they have on your return.

Image - Doggy Walking and Playing

Image - Doggy Walking and Playing



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